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Hello. How are you? Maybe you'd like to know a little about me before you make any decisions?

OK, here goes... 

The outdoors is special, particularly my allotment. I am part of a growers community and it forms my food foundation. Being as fit and healthy as I can be to lead a happy fulfilling life is fundamental. Physical activity is important, as much as enjoying growing, cooking and eating tasty healthy foods.


Now what's in it for you?

My offer for you is my nutrition expertise alongside effective coaching and guidance. We will explore what the key food and health issues are that you want to change. We will then create an agreed plan together, your unique and confidential programme towards improving your diet and lifestyle. The length of support is up to you and what you want to change around your nutrition and lifestyle so there is no set time limit. 

Contact me for a free initial chat to see if you are ready to begin your journey with Step Up Nutrition.

I will be with you every step of the way!



Step one: Book your first nutrition consultation for your starting point for change.

Step two: We agree what type of support would suit you best to achieve your nutritional goals you want to reach.

Step three: Eat better and improve your relationship with food.


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