About Step Up Nutrition 

Your next steps could be:

Meal planning tricks for a better diet

Adjustment of any nutrient deficiency

 Exploring the 'food and me' relationship 

Heathier cookery lessons in your own home

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The story

After working for over a decade in the NHS as a nutritionist I decided to start my own private practice to provide a bespoke nutrition coaching service that is as unique as you. In 2019 Step Up Nutrition  was born. 

Step Up Nutrition allows me to deliver a tailored person centred approach for nutritional support. Working alongside you on a journey of change helping you to achieve realistic lifestyle choices. Giving you nutrition coaching support and guidance that is as unique - as you. 

I am a member of the British Nutrition Society and hold professional registration from the Association for Nutritionists. 

My practice is based on the very latest scientific research.  


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