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Eating well on any budget

The first bill to be squeezed when money is tight is often the food shop. Dried noodles and baked beans isn't an option, changing the way you shop, cook, eat is.

We have food available in every form and price. The way to make the most out of food getting value for money is simply making it from raw ingredients. Shop wisely, cook creatively involving those close to you to share. Even if that is your neighbour! Share the cooking, the shopping and ultimately the budget. Even if you live in a block of flats, start a community cooking kitchen and develop your cookery skills.

Shopping list.... essential. Plan those meals and get the correct amount of ingredients, nothing more. Nothing wasted. Genius.

Soups and stews are easy dish to make, easy to batch cook and freeze. Using herbs and spices add depth to a dish that may not have a great deal going on. Pulses are healthy protein packed fibre filled ingredients that are cheap. Tinned are great when time is tight. Dried are great in the slow cooking style. Even think about reducing your meat intake a little or learning to cook with cheaper cuts, ask your local butcher.

If your budget is more flexible then I would say the same principles apply. Don't be a slave to one trendy shop either or sold on a small selection of super not value for money 'superfoods'. Be creative and know your prices. Even when eating out know the basic ingredients of the dish and choose well - particularly your sauce.

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