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Flexitarian dietary changes?

So the issues around our world population growth from 50% upwards in the next 40 years is pushing the debate around climate change. Globally the burden of disease falls heavily within the nutrition arena with a large part of the population suffering from diet related diseases like cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. This picture is only going to get worse if we don't make change even on an individual level.

Scientists want us to adopt a 'flexitarian' approach to our dietary intakes to offset the prospect of climate change, water shortages and pollution. Current food production is known to account for nearly 30% of greenhouse gases worldwide, 65% of water use and a major contrutor to our biodiversity loss. This continued impact with rising population risks our ability to produce healthy foods and sustain healthier dietary choices for future generations. Is it then time to change?

How we do that is attain a diet based more towards plant based foods, keeping the variety of ingredients and chosing home cooked meals from fresh products. Smaller amounts of animal products with a reduction of red meat towards one serving a week. Even consider going vegetarian or even vegan would be an option or just compromise and go flexitarian instead. Farming to produce our food is responding to our needs since we learned how to and move away from hunter gather habits. Now we need to think sustainability and balance even at the eating part of the food chain. Let's flex for our future generations and our health.

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