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How nutritionists fuel for the day

Love it or hate it our bodies need fuel in the form of breakfast. So what does this nutritionist choose for fuel for the start of the day?

For some breakfast is a battleground with time or children or both. Others just can't face it - yet. However, some people like me love it. This nutritionist would not start any day at anytime without - breakfast. For the record, wholegrain cereal rocks with added fruit for me, semi skimmed milk and I am good to go (which is usually on my bike!).

“Veganuary is upon me, breakfast - help!" So no bacon and eggs then, not that this nutritionist has them on a regular basis mind!

After the festivities and feeling a little larger, many of us do reign it in at this time or make changes to our dietary pattern. Breakfast is the first fuel of the day so it can be quite varied in choice, there is no right answer to what is the best dish. Just think a balance of complex carbohydrates and throw in a little protein. Add on the side a little fruit juice with vitamin C to help absorb that iron in the fortified cereals and keep that immune system in top form.

Start with fibre and get moving!

Wholegrain is where we begin with breakfast found in toast or what is in your bowl. If either of these just don't take you fancy then add fruit into a smoothie for good measure. From dietary surveys we know that consumption of low fibre breakfast cereal is quite common amongst our children so as a nutritionist I want to role model an alternative. Younger children's fibre consumption is almost 50% less than where it should be. The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition has focused on sugar recently influencing topics in the news. A large proportion of children's breakfast cereals is added sugars and something we should be aware of. Nuts and seeds can be added to cereals and smoothies (caution with known allergies). Something I do because it is like making my own breakfast brand! With this choice of breakfast there will be a reduction in added sugars - a healthier alternative that will keep you fuelled up until lunch.


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