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Jamie Oliver and the Ministry of Food success!

In a recent study in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition, Jamie Oliver may have cracked it. Famous advocates of healthy eating are sometimes very corporate, but overall I feel that Jamie Oliver has actually had public health nutrition at his heart (alongside earning a crust). Being brave enough to tackle school food policy and champion better food provision for our children has to be given kudos. Then the 15 project restaurants giving undescovered cookery talent a chance to thrive ticked my box and even prompted me to visit in Watergate Bay after some surfing of course!

Researchers at the University of Leeds showed that those that attended the 8 week Ministry of Food Cookery Courses from our celebrity chef had improved their eating habits possibly as a result of their newly acquired cooking and food choice skills.

By simply increasing the dietary intake of fruit and vegetables alongside halving the amount of snacks the participants had increased confidence around cooking and eating. Behaviours key to healthier eating and a more positive relationship with food was shown in the longer term too which is really exciting.

Only 4 Ministry of Food Centres exist in the UK which is disappointing given the impact. I wonder how many of us really would like a short cookery course tailored for us to improve our food choice, increase our confidence in the kitchen and result in healthier happier living? Watch this space...... It just takes one nutritionist..... And a space to cook and eat!

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