New Era of Eating Sustainably

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

What sustainable actually means in my opinion when talking about food.

Buy local, eat less meat, choose seasonal and environmentally friendly produce.

Make a positive choice towards low impact on our British countryside.

Unfortunately, by using pesticides, artificial fertilisers and other intensive farming techniques, industrialised agriculture in this country and across the world is damaging our life support systems – the water, soil, wildlife and climate we need to continue to feed ourselves. Brexit will change the way we source food and food products going forwards so now is the time to make our choices right for our pocket and right for our rural community.

Step Up your Nutrition by becoming more mindful in your food purchase. Seasonal, organic, low carbon footprint, British produce - just a few choices.

Supporting our farmers and supporting less intensive ways of food production through just a few key ways to choose your food is a good thing. Seasonal food choice is easier these days with farmers markets and other outlets offering great local produce. Check out for what's in season each month and how to cook it with great recipe ideas.

Start now, choose local and in season. Good luck!

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