Protect our NHS, others and stay safe.

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

In this time of COVID-19 pandemic our food shopping habits will change and food availability. Be creative but don't let the quality of your diet slip.

You have more time to prepare and cook now so the living restrictions in place currently could actually benefit your cookery skill set and your nutrition!

Most importantly in the kitchen is good hygiene, COVID-19 will survive in droplet form on hard surfaces for some time so can be picked up by another set of hands ready to infect the next person. Keep surfaces clean, give food delivered to your home a wipe over before packing away like cartons, tins and rinse fruit and veg if loosely packed.

Good hand hygiene, social distancing of at least 2m when food shopping and staying at home as advised is essential so as not to spread any infection. STAY SAFE.

Contact me at Step Up Nutrition if you want any advice or cooking ideas - here in a virtual capacity as always, Fay.

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