• Fay

What’s for dinner?

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

One of those questions I always find my self asking way before the time to eat dinner. Then there is what's in the fridge? Hmmm.

So on a daily basis it's who is going to be there and how long have I got? Will I have to rush out to the gym or go to a committee meeting? Time dictates what I eat, the activity decides how much and those joining me may also influence my menu.

Takeaway or ready meals are an option here because whatever anyone says, sugar and fat processed together do taste good. However that isn't how I am because I know that with some key ingredients, some key cookery skills and some lovely herbs or spices, healthier and tasty food will happen - no matter what my time constraints.

So come with me and take back control over what you are having for dinner. Not decided by the local chippy or supermarket, no. You are important, so tonight you choose, be selfish in your choice but be creative in the kitchen. Go on, what is in your fridge and what is going to be your dinner?

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